NYSAASC Road Trip: Officers take a tour of NYC ASCs and meet with Governor Hochul

On December 6, 2023, NYSAASC officers Jon Van Valkenburg, President, Jeffrey Flynn, Vice President, and Helen Lowenwirth, Treasurer, embarked on a tour of four freestanding Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) across New York City, to see firsthand and experience the cutting-edge advancements and innovation our centers are using to provide high quality care. 

Liberty Endoscopy CenterThe day-long itinerary began at Liberty Endoscopy Center, where Juliana de Campos and Andrea Simmonds, RN, showcased their state-of-the-art center providing gastrointestinal cancer screenings and procedures. The center stands as a testament to their dedication to providing New Yorkers with access to quality care, reinforcing the transformative impact of ASCs in the region.

Next stop, the officers visited the Sorin Medical Group, the largest private cardiovascular group in NYC. Sorin Medical Group is the forefront of innovation in cardiac are with the ability to diagnose cardiovascular disease at the earliest stages with their cutting-edge technology and testing.  With their satellite offices located in underserved communities throughout New York City, they are able to provide access to much of the city's population on an outpatient basis.

The next stop in the tour was visiting the Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center (MRSC) -- the first and only stand-alone ambulatory surgical center in the state of New York solely focused on reproductive surgery. The founder and leader of MRSC is George Kofinas, MD who has spent his career working to enhance access to reproductive health for those with fertility issues. One highlight was their Tissue Preservation Program that gives the ability for women facing cancer treatments the ability to have children after they have beaten the disease.

Sorin Medical GroupThe final stop on this tour was Alpha Surgery Center, a multispecialty ASC set to open its doors in January 2024, offering increased patient access within a secure and cost-effective environment. NYSAASC extends best wishes for success, recognizing the center's potential to positively contribute to Manhattan's healthcare landscape.

Following the ASC visits, the officers had the privilege of meeting with New York Governor Kathy Hochul, alongside other New York State Healthcare Leaders. The meeting served as a pivotal platform for discussing solutions to prevalent challenges in patient access and institutional roadblocks within the current healthcare system.

Manhattan Reproductive Surgery CenterThe tour is the culmination in a year filled with historic recognition and achievements for ASCs thanks to NYSAASC and its members. Among this year’s successes: the Legislature once again proclaiming August as Ambulatory Surgery Center Month in New York State and the enactment of the law requiring the Public Health and Planning Council to add a representative of FASCs

As the NYSAASC officers reflect on the day’s visits and year of accomplishment, it is evident that Ambulatory Surgery Centers are pivotal players in the future of healthcare delivery, promising improved patient experiences, heightened accessibility, and transformative outcomes.

NYSAASC with Governor Hochul

Healthcare Leaders with Governor Hochul

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Jeffrey Flynn - Tuesday, December 12, 2023

This is the first of many tours to promote the great services that our members provide their communities.

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